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Information for Parents

The following are answers to the questions most frequently asked by our students´ parents. After reading them, if you have more questions, please feel free to contact us: +212 (0)66 68 77 88 or info@cclc-morocco.org.

We believe that direct communication with parents who are concerned about the future of their children is necessary to enrich their learning experience

Safety & Security Concerns

  • How safe is it for my daughter or son to study in Morocco, especially in Tetouan?

While Morocco is one of the safest Arabic-speaking countries, there are risks and security concerns associated with any form of traveling. Study abroad students may run into the same problems as those encountered anywhere else in the world, such as petty crime and rip-offs. Consequently, students need to exercise caution while traveling and sightseeing. Generally, they will feel welcome and respected, provided that they respect the local culture.

Regarding studying in Tetouan, Dar Loughat is committed to doing everything

within its power to ensure the safety of the program participants, beginning from their arrival to Morocco to their return to their home countries. A representative from the school welcomes and picks up the students either from the airport or the seaport and drives them to their accommodation place, be it at a home-stay, an apartment or a hotel.

Additionally, the weekly organized program of activities keep students busy and safe. A member of the school team usually accompanies the students on their outings and excursions, which also helps them to stay away from trouble. Furthermore, Dar Loughat provides an on-site student orientation upon arrival and updated security information and advice during the students´ stay in Morocco.

While reputed as a conservative city, Tetouan has always been known for its capacity to integrate new cultural elements. As a result of this cultural blend that the inhabitants of Tetouan cherish and value, people from all over the world feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable regardless of their cultural, racial or religious backgrounds.

Financial Concerns

  • How much will it cost my son or daughter to study at your institution? Do you offer any financial aids or scholarships?

To know about the costs of our programs, please visit the program costs section. With regard to financial aid, Dar Loughat doesn’t offer any scholarships or financial aid to the program participants. For further information on funding options, please consult your son / daughter’s university department or financial aid office. For funds to be available before studying at Dar Loughat, students should prepare the paperwork for funding at least 6 months before the date of expected enrolment.

  • How should I ensure that my son or daughter has money in Morocco?

You should, of course, first enquire at your local bank. Generally speaking, your son or daughter will not need to open a bank account in Morocco, as most international banks here accept ATM cards. It is also generally not advisable to bring travellers cheques because they get rejected by most banks. We do recommend that your son or daughter bring a credit card in case of emergencies.
In any case, you can at any time transfer funds to the school director’s personal account, who will forward them to your daughter or son.

  • What is Dar Loughat’s refund policy?

For all cancellations made prior to the course start date, all the fees received will be refunded in full, less the registration and accommodation booking fees and any bank charges. However, no refunds of tuition, registration or accommodation booking fees will be given once the student has started his/her course. In addition, no refund will be given for lessons missed through student absences.
For home-stay cancellations made after the accommodation start date, all the fees paid will be refunded in full excluding those of the first four weeks.  

Academic Concerns

  • What is entailed in the Arabic program application process?

Please click on the registration link for a detailed description of the process. The program section contains more information about the courses, the course options and the program costs.

  • Will my daughter or son have to sign an agreement?
Yes. Every student who applies for any of our programs will have to sign

the general Terms and Conditions on the application form. This agreement covers a range of issues, including expectations regarding conduct and consequences in cases of code violations. We advise you to carefully review and approve all the contracts with your daughter /son to understand the commitments they’re making and ensure that you are all aware of your responsibilities.

  • How do you choose the right level for my daughter or son?

The placement process is divided into two phases: pre-departure and arrival. In the application form, the student has to answer many questions about her/his background in Arabic. Then, upon her/his arrival, the student gets an evaluation test followed by an interview with a professor to determine the most appropriate level for her/him.