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BCA Summer Program

Global Perspective through Volunteering and Language

BCA Morocco consists of a four-week summer program that combines Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) with a peace and justice-themed course and volunteer work. This new program will be launched in June 2009.

BCA students will take 80 hours of language instruction over four weeks for six U.S. credits. In addition, they will take an Islamic culture course that emphasizes an Islamic perspective on human rights and social justice. For this two-credit course, students will combine 3-4 hours per week in a classroom with 6 hours per week of volunteer work and 3-4 hours per week of additional cultural activities.

The content of the program is suitable for a variety of majors, such as political science, international relations, peace and conflict studies, Islamic studies and Arabic language and culture.

All BCA students will be living with host families. They will be able to participate in family life, continue to interact with the volunteer organizations and visit markets or other cultural sites in Tetouan.

Experience BCA Summer Program and you will:

  • Develop an understanding of Arabic language and culture
  • Live with local families
  • Volunteer in the Tetouan community
  • Gain 8 credits of language and culture

This program is offered through BCA Abroad, a U.S.A.-based educational organization for studying abroad. Interested students should apply directly to BCA, which issues credits for both the Arabic language classes and the cultural course. For more information about this option, please see this link: http://www.bcanet.org/programs/summer-programs/morocco.asp